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Carpet Flooring

Nothing beats the luxury and comfort that a nice carpet floor can bring to any room in your home. It can serve as a nice balanced focal point of your living room and can provide many benefits for you and your family. Carpet floors are just comfortable, it's easier to relax in a room with carpet floors than if it had hardwood, for example, it's just not nearly as comfortable. It's also safer for your family and your belongings, you don't have to worry nearly as much about breakage from something falling.

Burch Brothers Flooring offers an amazing selection of carpet designs that can take your home to the next level. Instead of having to pick from a few options like in the past, we have a huge inventory you can choose from, so you can find the right carpet for you. Going from an old drab carpet to a fresh new one can do wonders for your home, make it feel much more inviting and open. It can even help with the air quality in your home, getting that old carpeting and its allergens out can do wonders for you.

Why go for Carpeting?

Carpets are about as safe as any type of flooring can be. Having that soft cushion under your feet is truly a luxury that you can only get from carpeted floors. It also provides extra protection for your family, as injuries and falls are pretty common and can result in bad injuries on hard floors. So if you have kids running around all day, installing carpet floors is a great idea. That combination of comfort and style just can't be found with other types of flooring.

Great Bonuses with Carpet

Another great plus of carpet floors is the energy savings that they can offer. Carpets offer a base level of warmth and comfort year-round. Unlike stone or tiles that get freezing cold and can be uncomfortable to walk on, your feet are going to stay warm with carpet flooring. It doesn’t absorb cold which reduces the need for heating. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to have to stand on a freezing cold tile floor, it's just uncomfortable and can get annoying.

Carpets also helps keep your home quiet. If you have a chaotic house, constantly hearing walking or running around on hardwood floors can get extremely annoying. With carpeted floors, you no longer have to be troubled by noisy floors all day long. Tip: to get the best results, spend some extra money on thick carpets.

Carpet Manufacturers

Stain-Free Carpeting

Yes, you read that right! Stain-free carpets are now available, and they come in a variety of colors and designs! We can provide you with not just stain-free carpets, but the best stain-free carpets in the state. It may sound impossible just based on everything you've heard your whole life, but it really is real! These carpets can block out spills and resist stains, making your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning these messes up.

We have RX2 with a special stain treatment fiber system and SmartStrand from Mohawk which I personally recommend. SmartStrand can handle Rick the Rhino and I am pretty confident that it can handle your family too. These carpets make cleaning and maintenance much easier and more affordable over their lifespan. This leads to massive time and money savings for you in the long run.

Choosing YOUR Perfect Carpet

When choosing a carpet you need to ask yourself, what room is this going to be going in and what do we use it for? Will it be in a bedroom, family room, or children’s room? Are children or pets going to be going into the room? Also, what is your style preference? Is it traditional, contemporary, even victorian maybe? Whatever your answer to these questions may be, we can help you pick out the perfect carpet flooring for every room in your home.

Thinking about these things and answering these questions for yourself is a must-do. You may think you know what you want but planning these things out never hurts. Don’t worry, we'll gladly help guide you through the process and figure out what's going to be best for you! With so much to choose from you need to have a good idea of what you want so you can easily settle on something.

Carpeting for any Style

Find and flaunt your style with the highest quality carpets. Great carpeting can give you a great baseline for decorating and styling your entire home. Available in different patterns and designs, you will definitely find something that fits your personality and the style you want in your home & room. It's important that you not settle until you find what you really want.

Here at Burch Brothers, we only offer the best flooring solutions and your satisfaction is our main priority. Feel free to check out our engineered floors and other products. Give us a call for a free quote. We're your source for all of your flooring needs.