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Quality Flooring for Home and Office!

The right floors can make or break your house. They're in every single room of your house, floors are one thing you can't avoid or ignore. Since you have no choice but to be around your flooring at all times, you should take pride in it! Have a floor that you're truly proud of.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable landing spot for your feet or a rich flooring to complement your traditional or modern design, Burch Brothers Flooring is here to help you! We have a wide variety of flooring, enough for you to be able to be selective and pick out exactly the floor that you want.

Burch Brothers Flooring is proud to offer you ONLY the best products and top-notch flooring services that are bound to impress.

High-End Stain Resistant Carpet Flooring

Warm and welcoming, as well as quiet and comforting … it’s no wonder so many people look forward to stepping onto their carpet floor when they get home. With so many choices available these days, you’re sure to find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you and your family. And now with our new line of carpets, you no longer have to worry about stains, dirt, and spills as much as you had to in the past. For a long time maintaining a clean carpet was the hardest part of owning one, now they're very resistant and don't need quite as much care.

You have got to check out the SmartStrand Carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance technology that will NEVER wash off and our new line of hypoallergenic carpets. Some people with allergies just can't stand to be around carpets because of the pet hair and debris that they c0llect, but now you no longer have to worry about it! If sustainability is important to you, the ClearTouch® filament PET carpet made from plastic bottles is always a great green option! Regardless of your specific needs, having all of these fantastic choices at your disposal is just amazing for those who can actually utilize them.

Engineered Floorboards

Perfect for commercial and residential rooms, engineered floorboards offer an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors. It is cost-effective, durable, and very popular among homeowners these days. Engineered floorboards are coated with a substance far stronger than normal stain, so you know they'll have a long life without needing constant refinishing. If we want to break it down, engineered floorboards are superior to both hardwood and laminate, they have all the amazing feature of hardwood with the strength and water-resistance of laminate.

Hardwood Floors

If you are looking to increase the resale value of your home, installing solid hardwood floors will give you an unmatched edge. Hardwoods can literally last for a lifetime if you take good care of them. A nice hardwood floor is associated with class, they look fantastic and hold up very well over time. Burch Brothers is partnered with the leading suppliers of hardwood flooring in the industry in Garner and throughout North Carolina. Check out Shaw’s line of hardwood flooring now! We guarantee nothing less than quality floors.

Indestructible Laminate Flooring

Perfect for heavy traffic areas, laminates allows you to clean and maintain your home much easier than other types of flooring may. Not to mention its water-resistance, it is extremely hard to even damage at all and very cost-effective. Laminate is great for any room that may be more prone to messes or accidents, it's generally going to be as easy as a simple wipe up for most spills or messes. You won't be able to find a better mix of strength and affordability with any other flooring.

Realistic Luxury Vinyl

Featuring realistic hardwood and ceramic visuals, it's about impossible to tell that it's not the real thing. Available in different colors, patterns, and designs, our products allow you to create a one of a kind look for any room. An excellent choice for residential and light commercial settings. You can't beat the durability and classy look that luxury vinyl offers. Now just because it has "luxury" added onto it doesn't mean it can only be put in fancy places or that it's even all that expensive, it's an affordable flooring option for those who want more choices visually.

Groutable Vinyl Tile Flooring

Nothing beats vinyl tiles when it comes to water resistance. Perfect for bathrooms, this one of a kind flooring material can last for years if you take good care of it. We offer a variety of vinyl patterns and designs from the leading manufacturers in the flooring industry. You won't just be stuck with boring plain vinyl, we can get you just about any style you may want. Tile just makes bathrooms feel more comfortable and protects them, it gives them that classic bathroom appearance.