There is such a wide variety of flooring styles, finishes and installation options in the market today. Manufacturers are coming up with more innovative materials that make the lines between different flooring categories quite blurred. For the inexperienced buyer, choosing the right kind of flooring for your home can be quite confusing. Here is a little guide to help you choose between the various flooring Raleigh NC options out there.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popular because it has natural beauty and it is quite durable. It has a classic look that works well with almost any architectural theme. If you have an open floor plan in your home, hardwood flooring creates visual room-to-room continuity quite well. Hardwood flooring is made of a variety of indigenous and exotic wood specials such as Brazilian cherry, oak, and Purple Heart among others. The only downside to hardwood flooring is it can get quite costly in purchase and maintenance

Engineered wood flooring

This is made of a combination of real wood and layers of cheap plywood. This kind of flooring is not only cheaper but also more stable and durable. It can withstand changes caused by temperature and humidity better than solid wood flooring. Other than plywood backing on the top veneer of real wood, engineered wood also comes with substrates made using recycled wood fiber and stone dust for more stability.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a low maintenance and affordable flooring material that comes in a great variety of styles and patterns. It is similar to engineered wood but instead of using real wood of the top layer, laminate flooring is made from a plastic coating over a photograph that emulates different materials like wood or stone. With laminate flooring, you have such a wide variety of options to match any prevalent themes you have in your home. It comes in planks or tiles making replacing damaged bits quite easy.

Ceramic tiles

They come in many shapes, colors and textures making it easy to create custom patterns for your floor. The cost of ceramic tiles varies quite greatly depending on the style of the tiles. Custom and decorative trim pieces however can raise the cost of installation.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. Stone is able to resist moisture and staining makes it a great flooring choice. Sealing and refinishing may be necessary after every couple of years.

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