Hardwood is certainly not the cheapest flooring material around. But its many benefits make it a more popular flooring option. When compared to cheaper options like carpet and linoleum, hardwood is way more superior. We’ve rounded up the most common benefits of hardwood flooring below.

Lasts long

Hardwood flooring can last for decades. Ask any flooring expert and you’ll be advised to opt for hardwood if you want a flooring material that looks better as the years go by. Carpets need to be replaced because of stains, holes, wear and tear. However, hardwood will maintain its good look for many years with minimal maintenance.

Easy to clean

It’s easy to clean your hardwood floor by brushing or vacuuming it. If you have pets or children in your home, carpets can be too much work. Hardwood flooring can be kept sparkling clean by wiping it with a damp mop. Stains and dirt will come off easily when wiped with a damp cloth.

Very hygienic

Hardwood flooring is more hygienic compared to carpeting. Carpets often trap unpleasant odors especially if not cleaned regularly.

Provide a modern heating solution

Hardwood floors can be installed to allow homeowners to heat their homes effectively. Using this flooring material, homeowners can invest in under floor heating which provides even heat throughout the home.

Has a timeless appeal

Hardwood floors have remained in fashion for decades. They hardly go out of style. This is due to the fact that wood tends to change over the years and become more appealing. Wood can take different patterns and finishing giving it a unique look. That’s why hardwood flooring is popular in modern homes with contemporary architectural designs.

It’s warm underfoot

Hardwood flooring is perfect for the cold months when stone and tile floors are unbearable to walk over barefoot. Wood gives the needed warmth and comfort when it’s super cold.

Boosts property value

Most home buyers will consider the type of flooring installed in a property when deciding whether to buy it. Homes that have hardwood floors sell twice as fast. This is because well maintained wooden floors are very appealing and don’t require a lot of maintenance over the years. Fitting a wooden floor in your property can make its value increase significantly.


Hardwood flooring options have increased over the years. This is mainly attributed to the modern production methods that have been introduced. Today, it’s easy to get a hardwood floor that is suitable for your budget. Learn more info here.