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Vinyl Tile Flooring In Garner & Raleigh, NC

What makes vinyl tile so popular? Over the years, vinyl tile flooring has developed right in step with current styles and technology. With tons of colors and patterns available, vinyl these days is as stylish as it is affordable. In the past where you may have not liked the few designs available, you can now rest assured that you'll be able to find at least a few things that you like!

Vinyl tile has been one of the most popular floorings because it is both versatile and stylish. Vinyl tiles can basically look like anything from marble, classic oak wood, granite, or slate, anywhere in your home. For a long time, people have wished they could get the quality of vinyl floors, just without the drab appearance. Now you can!

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The Evolution of Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are getting better and better. You may remember old vinyl flooring looking more like plastic than a quality flooring material. It can be easily scratched and almost always fades to an extent after several years. Looking back, vinyl tiles have come a long way. Now with the new flooring technology, vinyl tiles are stronger, more durable, and look like the real thing. It is resilient and can last for a very long time.

Burch Brothers offer vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, carpets, and more from the leading suppliers in the flooring industry. Whether you choose groutable vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl tiles, we are here to provide top-notch service for you and your family. We stand behind all of the work we do and the products that we use 100%.

Vinyl Sheet Manufacturers

  • Mohawk Flooring
  • Shaw Floors
  • Armstrong
  • Congoleum
  • IVC US
  • Mannington
  • Tarkett
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Don’t Confuse it with Luxury Vinyl

Though it has the characteristics of luxury vinyl, installing vinyl tiles can be hard if you are planning to do it on your own. It's not something to decide you want to do spontaneously and just go for it. It requires careful planning and close attention. Unlike luxury vinyl, it has rounded edges that are groutable, which really gives you that more realistic tile look.

It all boils down to the installation process. Installing the vinyl sheet is a crucial step and will determine whether or not the flooring will last for years or will need to be replaced after several months. Even the smallest mistakes or flaws will quickly be exposed en masse, it needs to be done completely correctly if you want lasting results.

Installing vinyl flooring is not rocket science and can be a DIY project for pretty much anyone. But having experts do the installation for you will give you the confidence that your flooring will not come off anytime soon. We 100% stand behind all of our products and work, all of our technicians are trained and take adequate time to ensure your job is a job well done.

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With vinyl tile, a little care & maintenance goes a long way. Establishing a basic care & maintenance guide to ensure that your tile looks great for years to come. 


Tile installation can be tricky! Trust the team at Burch Brothers to install your tile flooring. 

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Browse our inspiration gallery for the newest trends and stylings in tile flooring. 

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