While hardwood is a low maintenance flooring material, basic care & maintenance will help to ensure your flooring always looks great. 

Dealing with Spills & Stains

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Fortunately for hardwood owners, liquids spills are not cause for major concern. Simply by wiping up the liquid in a timely manner, you can help quell any potential damage that could be caused. While stains will not generally occur on hardwood, liquid can seep through the cracks of your hardwood, potentially causing damage to the subfloor. 

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Simply sweep up solid spills on your hardwood flooring to avoid long-term damage. Dirt, dust, and other debris can potentially scratch your hardwood, so be sure and clean up solid messes in a timely manner. 

Floor cleaning | Burch Brothers Flooring


You should always pre-test any new or unknown flooring cleaners before placing them directly on your hardwood. Use a shirt or towel to test the substance. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer. 


With hardwood, sweeping every day or every couple of days is a must. As previously mentioned, dirt and other debris can damage the look and feel of your hardwood. Get in the habit of sweeping your hardwood to ensure maximum beauty.  

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