It’s 2016 and you’ve got lots of flooring options to consider when revamping your home. Have you ever considered how carpet floors can be beneficial to your home? We all know that there’s no perfect flooring type. But when it comes to carpet flooring, the benefits outweigh the cons depending on the look and feel you desire most. Here are a few reasons why we recommend carpet floors in Clayton NC.


Carpets come in almost every color and style you can imagine. You are able to choose a unique carpet that perfectly suits the color scheme and design of your home. Because carpets have a nice texture, they can add dimension in any given space. Rooms that have carpets can be made vibrant and eye-catching by choosing the best color matches.
Offers extra insulation.

Carpeting has often been used in homes situated in colder regions. It’s because they add a thick under-padding that warms up the room. Carpeted floors are very warm and comfortable underfoot especially when the material is made of dense fibers. It’s a perfect flooring option if you need that extra insulation.


Carpets can also help to create a safe flooring option by reducing the risk of slips and falls. Flooring options like tiles can be quite unsafe in homes with children or the elderly due to their slippery nature. Carpets, when fitted properly, can help to prevent injuries by providing a slip resistant surface.

Cost effective

The initial costs of acquiring a carpet can be really low depending on the look and style you want. You can find carpets that are made using plastic to mimic the look of tiles and they usually come at a very low rate. However, remember that there are certain features you could be compromising on by choosing a cheap carpet.


Carpets can really make a room comfortable to walk in. They have a very cozy and warm feel especially the kind that has dense fibers. High quality carpets are designed to lock in heat and warm your feet. They create a homely environment and can contribute to a friendly ambiance.

With the wide range of carpets available today, it’s easy to find unique flooring that suits your needs. Remember that carpets come with some unique maintenance demands. They require regular cleaning to prevent dirt and germs from invading your home. Some people may experience allergies due to carpets and hence care must be taken when choosing the material used.

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